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A new perspective, the video

A new perspective on recreation and health

Het boek

A new perspective on recreation and health

De wetenschappelijke achtergrond

A new perspective on recreation and health
with the PERTH system

The PERTH system is a special form of pulsed electromagnetic resonance therapy, the foundations of which were laid several decades ago by the physician and scientist Dr. Reinhard Werner, MD. With his dissertation “The physiological and healing effects of optimised electromagnetic fields with extremely low field strength – an information therapy”, he received his doctorate from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in Moscow in 2002.

The Russian Academy then awarded him the highest academic degree of “Doctor of Medical Sciences”. Since then, he has continuously developed his method with the support of numerous doctors and scientists.

In the book “A New Perspective on Recovery and Health with the PERTH System”, I briefly describe my reflections that led me to exchange laboratory tests and infusion therapy for working with the PERTH system. In the video, which was made possible by the Desire and Give Foundation, I give information and background on the PERTH system.

The book

A new perspective, the book

In this book I describe my considerations that led me to choose the PERTH system.

The background

A new perspective, the background

There are countless experiences, trainings, scientific articles and books on which the book and video are based. Below I list some for those who are interested.

The video

A new perspective, the video

In the video I talk about electromagnetic information, its basis in quantum biology, why so little is known about it and the unique way the PERTH system works.

Interesting videos

The PERTH system generates electromagnetic signals and its basis is photons. This leads us directly into the quantum world. Below are some general videos dealing with quanta and electromagnetic waves

Scientific background

Every day more information becomes known about the influence and effect of electromagnetic fields on humans and their health. Below you will find some scientific articles that you can download.

Information on the Flexner Report and the biomedical model

The biomedical model was first described in the article Flexner report 100 years later.

The report funded by Carnegie and Rockefeller can be downloaded here.

Some books consulted

Al-Khalili Jim, McFaden Johmjoe, Hoe leven ontstaat, op het snijvlak van biologie en kwantumleer

Becker Robert O. The body electric: electromagnetismBodanis David, Het elektrisch universum

Bodanis David, Het elektrisch universum

Brown Thomas J., The Lakhovsky multiple wave oscillator
Carlson Bernard W. , Tesla, Erfinder des elektrischen Zeitalters
Gerber Richard M.D., Vibrational Medicine
Griffin Edward G., Eine Welt ohne Krebs
Lakhovsky Georges, Das Geheimnis des Lebens
Ludwig W., Dr., Informative Medizin, KrankheitsUrsachen/ Behandlung ohne Chemie
Petry Gunter Dr., Informationsmedizin
Plattner Josef Ing., Werner Reinhard Dr. med, Energie, Quelle des Lebens und Masstab der Gesundheit
Tennant Jerry L. MD, Healing is voltage
Werner Reinhard Dr. Med., Gesundheit durch Energie-Regulation mit Magnetfeldern
Bodanis David, Het elektrisch universum

PERTH information

The PERTH system, like so many electromagnetic systems, is based on generally accepted physical principles. The way in which Dr Werner has used nature-identical electromagnetic signals in the PERTH system is extraordinary. There are many researchers and scientists who have been involved in the development of the PERTH system with natural and nature-identical electromagnetic information.

Literature list

For his book “Energieregulation durch Energie Regulation mit Magnetfeldern” (Energy Regulation through Energy Regulation with Magnetic Fields), Dr. Werner drew on the literature from this list, among others. An astonishing amount of information was already available in 2006.

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