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Visionary Dr med. R. Werner

Developer of the PERTH systeem ®

Founder of Cell Recovery Systems®

Professor dr. med. habil. Reinhard Werner

Reinhard Werner was born in Berlin in 1941. After high school, he worked as a nurse in a hospital for the elderly and for three quarters of a year in the delivery room of the Charité in Berlin.
He began his medical studies at the Medical University in Sofia, Bulgaria, and continued his studies at the Charité in Berlin. Werner first studied pathological anatomy for four years and then worked as a general practitioner for a few years. He then began training as a specialist in ear, nose and throat diseases and worked as an ENT doctor from 1975.
With a thesis on the “sound protection mechanism of the middle ear”, he obtained his doctorate in medicine in Germany.

Illness requires change of direction

A severe liver disease and diabetes mellitus, which orthodox medicine believed would soon lead to death, forced Dr Werner, MD, to leave ENT. Werner to leave ENT.
He focused on nutrition and nutritional advice. In his search for another form of medicine, he accidentally came across magnetic field therapy, which he was initially very sceptical about.

Discovery of effective magnetic field therapy

The extraordinary successes of MFT, which at that time around 1990 had been documented for more than 100 years in many scientific studies by various institutions and universities worldwide, and the experiences of himself and his patients caused Dr Werner to radically change his view of medicine and health.
He realised that this treatment method “MFT” was far too little known despite its impressive results.
Together with his wife and the engineer Josef Plattner, he founded the “Institute for Energy-Medical Systems e.V.” founded. * EMS Berlin. With a short hiatus, he was chairman of the board of directors of this institute.

Device development based on own insights

Since early 1997, he has been advising companies producing magnetic field devices, and since spring 1998 he has been working with electronics engineers to develop his own device based on his own literature research and experience. The current “PERTH systems according to Dr Werner®” are the result.

Doctorate in medical sciences

In 2002, he successfully completed and defended his postdoctoral thesis on “The physiological and healing effects of optimised electromagnetic fields with extremely low field strength – an information therapy” at the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
The Russian Academy awarded him the highest academic degree of “Doctor of Medical Sciences”.

Appointment as professor

On 25 October 2003, he was appointed professor in Moscow and on 10 August 2005, he was admitted as a member of the Academy of Medical-Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation.
Since 2002, Dr Werner’s PERTH systems have been used by the Russian Space Medicine Department, which was then headed by Professor Dr Shalygin.


Dr Werner is author or co-author of the books:

– ENERGY – Source of Life and Measure of Health.
– The pain patient in practice.
– Information therapy with pulsating electromagnetic fields – PERTH published 2005 Russian.
– Health through energy regulation with magnetic fields
He has also published several scientific articles in various journals and given numerous lectures at scientific conferences in Germany and abroad, including a lecture at the first World Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Melbourne in 2002. The title of the lecture was:

The PERTH as energetic information

Gesundheit durch Energie-Regulation mit Magnetfeldern

The visionary Dr. med. Reinhard Werner laid the foundation for CellRecoverySystems®

It all started with the vision of Professor Dr med. habil. Werner to develop a product that works at all levels of health regulation and makes everything else redundant. A single device that combines various forms of therapy including the PERTH system.

Nature as a model

After years of research by doctors, alternative practitioners, scientists and engineers who have developed a variety of therapies based on nature’s model, Cell Recovery Systems® combines a multitude of treatment modalities and brings them to the world in the form of an innovative product.



A system like the new revolutionary Cell Recovery Systems®. does not yet exist worldwide. The developers have incorporated all the wishes and requirements of doctors and therapists into this system. The system is ready for the market and will revolutionise healthcare.


Cell Recovery Systems® integrates the following treatments.

These can be applied separately, but also simultaneously if desired, creating an unprecedented synergy!

– Koud Plasma
– Ver Infrarood
– Geluid
– Licht