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Donderdagavond 28 maart

  • Aanvang 19.30 uur
  • Plaats FitForm Café
  • Buurserstraat 214


Internationaal Therapeut 18/19 november

We will be at the International Therapist on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 November.

If you plan to come, you can apply for a discounted relationship card here.

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Arnhem lecture Tuesday, November 28

Lecture on a new perspective on health

The PERTH system is successfully used for acute and chronic complaints. For example, a bladder infection, eye infection and activated mole can be resolved within days.

Years of existing dizziness can quickly pass and even nearly-thirty-year coordination and concentration problems due to a brain injury can disappear within weeks. The examples mentioned are first-hand or self-experienced.

The PERTH system is used by athletes to improve performance, preventively and to help injuries heal faster. It is not a miracle mat; it supports the body’s regeneration processes naturally.

PERTH is not a treatment and is not recommended instead of medical treatment.

The lecture will include:

  • What is electromagnetic radiation
  • the unique functioning of the PERTH system
  • the seven PERTH programmes and eight levels
  • essential differences from other electromagnetic systems. After the lecture, you can judge for yourself what is a good and what is a not so good electromagnetic system.
  • The lack of attention from mainstream healthcare
  • Different results are discussed
  • The PERTH system is demonstrated

There will be ample time for questions.

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Lecture Voorhout Wednesday, November 29

How the PERTH system works and can positively affect health.

On origins

The PERTH system stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Resonance Therapy and was developed by German physician and scientist Dr Med. Werner in the early 1990s. He stood at the cradle of well-known electromagnetic systems. Many times, attempts to copy the system have been made in vain. The PERTH system was developed in cooperation with a team of German and Russian doctors and scientists where nature has always been the starting point.

Nature cannot be improved upon and is held up as an example.

Where many similar-looking systems improve mainly in marketing and design, the PERTH system continues to develop content and gets better every year.

About the operation

The PERTH system strengthens natural control signals. When cells receive more energy and the right information to perform their task, health restores. Thus, good results are possible in a variety of indications.

Something about the specifications

The PERTH system contains more than 8000 health-relevant frequencies played in clusters as a kind of electromagnetic melody. The intensity is for the cells like the whispering of leaves in the wind, pleasant and varied.

PERTH is information therapy.

About the lecture

This evening is an excellent opportunity to inform yourself about this special system. Healthy curiosity is always welcome.

VIDEO Recovery and health with the PERTH system 

There will be plenty of time to answer all questions. The PERTH system will be demonstrated this evening.

Be quick: Only 20 places available. After payment, you will receive the address by email. Be welcome and see you soon.

More information and registration
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