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PERTH is a pulse-optimised electromagnetic therapy. It works with the body’s own intensity, combining many frequency programmes in the body’s own bundles and pulse forms.

Only in this way can the body’s own signals resonate with those offered and support and restore the body’s own control signals.

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About thePERTH systems

The EMG-PERTH magnetic electromagnetic resonance system consists of a control unit to which a mat (for supine application), a pillow (for local application when sitting or lying down) or a main applicator is connected.

Information about the PERTH system and applicators

The PERTH system has multiple applicators for specific applications

PERTH System

The basic set of the PERTH system includes a control unit, a long mat, a cushion and the connection cord. Additional accessories can be ordered.

Control unit

The control unit of the PERTH system that allows setting the program, level and time.


The ‘painbox’ is used mainly by practitioners to treat pain and acupuncture points

Mat applicator

The mat applicator is the basis of the PERTH system, it lies under the mattress or treatment couch. The effective electromagnetic field radiates about 1.5 all around.

Intensief applicator

The intensive applicator is used particularly in long-term osteoarthritis with cartilage loss to the extent that surgery is imminent.

Main applicator

In particular, the main applicator is used for the specific treatment of brain, ears, eyes and thyroid.

Oval cushion applicator

PERTH oval cushion 50cm x 30 cm

Car 12 V connection

For travelling by car, caravan, motorhome or boat

Oval cushion applicator

PERTH speciale applicator 12 cm diameter

Living Energy

NEW ! The smallest magnetic field system from the EMG family according to Dr. med. Werner

Gebruik PERTH systeem

The PERTH system has proven to be effective inmany complaints and in small and large animals

PERTH is successfully used in:

  • Horses
  • Cats and Dogs
  • Falcons, especially hunting falcons by falconers
  • Camels (in the Arab region)
  • Various breeding animals in agriculture

Pets Boarded

Satisfied Owners

Locations Covered

Pulsating ElectromagneticResonance Therapy

Application and use

General notes and explanations

Het PERTH systeem kan worden gebruikt om klachten te voorkomen en ondersteunt bij het herstellen van de gezondheid. In case of complaints, it is possible to request individual advice from the HealthyShop.

Frequently Asked Questions

The EMG PERTH system has the following unique features:

1. A soft magnetic field, most in the pico and nanoT region, much weaker than from other providers.

2. The EMG PERHT system has around 8000 different frequencies played in “bundles”.

3. The EMG PERTH system uses the natural physiological pulse shape instead of a square pulse, sinus or sawtooth shape.

4. The EMG PERTH system has 7 programs


Thanks to its soft magnetic field, anyone can use it. Even pregnant women, infants, elderly in old age, people with pacemakers and epileptics may use it, it is even recommended

The PERTH system should not be used after severe arterial bleeding or blood poisoning with high fever.


Our body operates with particularly low intensities of current and magnetic field. Even down to the millionth Tesla’s. Tesla here is not the car or the inventor but the unit of magnetism.

For optimal biological effect, a signal is needed that matches the body’s own signals as closely as possible. The intensity should be similar to that produced by the body itself.

For example, the brain functions with electric currents of less than 1 nanoAmpere, which is one billionth of an ampere, and with magnetic fields of around 1 PicoTesla, which is a million times smaller than the earth’s magnetic field.

So in this case, less is more!

Together with the physiological pulse shape, the right frequencies and the optimal frequency beam, resonance can occur with the body’s own control signals, otherwise not.

At higher intensities, an inferior biological response occurs and risks to users exist. What we consider too high an intensity is easily determined by looking at the contra indications.

If a therapy should not be used with pacemakers, metal implants, in pregnancy, cancer, epilepsy and the like, it means a therapy not adapted to biology

What animals is PERTH used for?
The EMG PERTH system has specific frequencies for animals. For pets, the oval cushion can be used; special adaptors have been developed for camels, horses and birds such as homing pigeons and falcons.
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