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The EMG PERTH system has specific frequencies for animals. For pets, the oval cushion can be used; special adaptors have been developed for camels, horses and birds such as homing pigeons and falcons.

The PERTH System

The PERTH magnetic resonance system consists of a control unit to which a mat (on which you can lie) or a pillow (for local application while sitting or lying down) is connected

The control unit delivers a focused frequency spectrum with 8 adjustable intensity levels. The gentle magnetic field induces only 0.2 millivolts (mV) in the body at the highest intensity level 8. Even a human heart generates only 0.1 – 0.2 millivolts (mV). Thus, voltages are generated that fully correspond to those of the body. The exposure time is adjustable, up to 60 minutes can be set

The applicator and the power cord are connected to the back of the device. After switching on, the exposure time and intensity are set and the device is started by pressing a button. The remaining time is continuously displayed. After the set time has elapsed, the unit switches off with a short beep (V on standby). If the device is not used in the following 5 minutes, it will switch off completely. Further resting or sleeping on the mat is possible without any problems


Certified safety according to ISO 9003

Our systems use minimal magnetic fields 1,000 times lower than the approved German limits for long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields. Their effectiveness is based on the strict standards recommended by the U.S. and Russian space agencies for such application devices.

The EMG devices are optimally suited for both therapy practices and home application. The applicators, control unit and connecting leads are available individually or as different sets.

The following applicators are available:

  1. Matt Applicator Which is placed under the mattress, top mattress or therapy couch
  2. Oval cushion, in the chair behind the back or in sitting under the feet
  3. Main applicator, For ear, mouth, brain and eye issues.
  4. Painbox, Especially for therapists, treatment of acupuncture and pain points
  5. Intensive applicator, often in pain and wear of joints

Ein 12V adapter is available for connection in the car, camper, boat or caravan.